Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Fresh Nixon Watches

So I was on the Zumiez website the other day and I came across these Nixon Watches. The Nixon Time Teller. These watches look so fresh I had to see them in person. I went into Zumiez and decided that these watches were dope! They look like you could get them out of a cereal box, but they are way nicer than that. It has a plastic feel, but I just love the style it has. So simple, but so fresh. They have multiple colors, so you could buy the whole set and be able to match everyday or just pick up the white or black and be good for all outfits. My favorite is the white because it just looks so clean. They also just came out with a lime and indigo color to add to there 7 other colors for a total of 9 colors!


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  4. these watches r liking em better than the g shocks where do i get em?

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  6. I like Nixon watches better than G-Shock a lot of the time. Nixon has some other kinds of fresh watches too that are way more expensive and higher class if you want an upgrade, but i love the look of these. The 3 main places I have noticed Nixon distributes to are Zumiez, Exit Real World, & Fuel. They sell at a lot of other skate and sports shops. If you go to the Nixon website you can find locations where they sell to, or you could just buy straight off the website.